Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa Akpos...Christmas Speciale!

Santa Akpos!
Santa Jand: Hey we running outa schedule, gotta have all the gifts delivered by tonight.
Apparently 4 of the reindeers are still missing for no good reason. (deep laugh)Ho ho ho ho. Santa Claus likes prompt delivery. Ho ho ho ho

Santa Akpos: This one never hala. E be like sey you neva know as e dey go for my zones.

Santa Jand: Hey watchu mean homie? Ho ho ho ho.

(Beep Beep)

Santa Akpos: First of all stop that your nonsense laugh.

Santa Jand: Ok but you know no one frowns here, its againt the Santa code of conduct and whats with that beeping sound.

(beep beep)

Santa Akpos: Omo guy, this year I no wan fall Bros Claus hand again.

Santa Jand: Ho ho ho ho...don't know why I did that...and you were saying?

Santa Akpos: No be your fault, because una get chimney wey you fit climb down deliver your own abi? For my side, Mama Nkechi for don use am dey fry Christmas meat. Chimney...Hahahaha. U neva hala!

(Beep Beep)

Santa Jand: But you still haven't explained the beep sound.

Santa Akpos: Kai, where I go start from...Last year, I suffer no be small.
you no sey Claus talk sey make we fly with the Reindeers for sky with the carriage of presents.
Na so I park for Warri junction to buy Poly bag wey I go use pack the presents...

Santa Jand: Uhh...Oh you mean a Polythene bag? Ho ho ho ho.

Santa Akpos: Mtcheew this one neva no anything...So as I buy am finish, na so I see sey dey don move the Reindeers. 4 of them fiam!

(Beep beep)

Na so I gather courage con dey waka. As I reach junction, I con see some boys dey show for my direction. I con do Mission Impossible jump enter bike, as I no sey the gifts plenty die.
As I reach busstop, na so bikeman ask for money. I con give am blowm-blowm for him pikin. If you see the wicked eye im use look me. A whole Santa Akpos!

Santa Jand: Um...Ok can you like skip to the end mate cuz we seriously like outta time dude. Ho ho ho ho(deep baritone laugh).

Santa Akpos: E no go better for person wey do you like dis o.

So as I give am the blom-blom, na so e tear me slap. As e tear me slap so, na so I see the 3 wise men.

Kai! dem no send sey I be Father Christmas.

(beep Beep)

Santa Jand: Wow! I'll never have anything to do with such a cruel place mehn! Ho ho ho ho.

Santa Akpos: Hahahahahahahahaha!(rolls on the floor and laughs his ass out)

Santa Jand: Hey homes, what's so funny? Ho ho ho ho

Santa Akpos: This one don crase o. You never shek your mail ni? Santa Claus talk sey this year na me dey go your side, but you dey go Naija.

Na so I con buy this tracker (beep beep) for you because e no sure sey you go return. So if them kidnap you, we go fit locate the place, con negotiate with them.

Santa Jand: WHAT!!!!!???? I'm doomed (Faints)

Santa Akpos: HO HO HO HO! I no know sey this laughter dey sweet o.