Monday, February 14, 2011


News reaching us from our quarters has confirmed a latest release in the series of diplomatic cables suspected to have been sent via an undisclosed source @ moi frequency. Shocking facts were released and we'll like you to have a peak in to the latest of findings.  ENJOY!

(A lil conversation)(CONFIDENTIAL!!!)
My conscience: dude you really don't have to do this!

Me: what? I just want to tell them something about Val's day.

Conscience: dude..seriously its like almost 12 midnight,whats the point?

Me: just a message now, ill try to make it sound nice though not too mushy

Conscience: you really have to do this shey? you're so stubborn...wait is this all for the likes?

Me: C'mon, though they'll like it, that's not the aim.

Conscience: You're stubborn you know?

Me: Whatever man, so I'm saying it o...very soon.

Conscience: On a second thought, what if they don't like it, or someone even installs an app that hates comments. And they hate it?

Me: Oh boy eh! hmm...Omo I'm not risking telling them Happy Valentine's Day...Lai Lai! Its a cliche already.

Conscience: My point exactly!

Me: Well I'm sure they know I love them so much and will never stop writing for them. Never!

Conscience: You dare not!

Me: Well I'll just paste our conversation on the blog.

Conscience: DUDE! SERIOUSLY! what did you just say?

Me: (whistling Barney's 'I love you' song)
(off to dreamland!)