Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Patrick Part 3

Before you read this, see > Patrick Part 1  |   Patrick Part 2

I was already weary from the race and I didn't even get to the finish line. arrgh...I can't even remember why I was running.

The sun was seriously smiling at my own expense and I could only be more grateful for the little breeze that was blowing.

Started feeling hungry too. Yes! now I remember, I missed my bestest buddy Patrick.

Something started moving on my face...then I paused...Oh no! This isn't happening. I'd seen this happen in movies before.

Slowly I started lifting my left hand. Have to be careful now so I don't scare it off. Then it stopped...and moved again!
Patience can go to blazes for all I care.
TWAI! I slammed my left hand on the left cheek. All I could see was plenty sweat on my palm...wait...that can't be all. I suspect that idiot smiling in the toothpaste advert I saw in the TV shop I just passed.

It's either him or I'm going crazy...If you say I am going gaga, then it takes one to know one. All these foolish people...mtcheew.

I headed back towards the long road again, giggling as I recalled the events of the day as those idiots tried to rob me of my medal. Stupid man in white...mtcheew! 
Lets hope we don't meet men in black. Hahahaha! I laughed at my joke. That was classic men.

All I need right now is Patrick and I would be fine but in the absence of that, I'll never ever...

 a voice bellowed from behind me. More of that thing started moving again on my face.I'll attend to that later.

I turned my back in fear on the spot wondering who this Oracle of Ice was, that had the power to freeze me.


I burst out in laughter at the sight. First it was a man in white robe chasing me, now its a mumu in black outfit as I earlier joked. Hahahaha!
I guess the next after this would be an idiot in Orange Agbada trying to catch me.

FREEZE! he screamed again holding a gun and then the man in white showed up behind him pointing in my direction. Fear gripped me at this point. He was actually summoning the god of Ice. Then I screamed back, "UNFREEZE!" hoping that it would defrost the oncoming ice.

"You have to be patient with him", I heard the man on white tell the man on black.

"Your silly tricks won't get me" I thought to myself. Then, flashbacks of Patrick started flooding my memory.
The happy and the sad times we had, the long but interesting arguments, the moments we shared, ...would it all come to an end this way.
No wonder Segun Arinze didn't feature in Lord of the Rings...Why come this far to now give up?

The two men started coming towards me slowly in a tiptoeing manner, then I copied their movement in the backward direction smiling joyfully. Then the mumu in black messed up...he quickened his pace...and off I ran!

Two hot chases in one day...this a'int fun anymore.
I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I could literally feel the back of my legs touching my nape.
Then I got the shocker of my life-
                                                    we should be careful what we wish for in life-

                               Cuz right ahead of me I spotted a man in Orange outfit!- looking in my direction.
At the same time the men chasing me behind started screaming "Yellow Fever, Yellow Fever" and he started moving towards me.
BANG! The sound of a gun went off. I was numb...My eyes started fading slowly and SLAM! On the ground...
Everything went black.