Monday, October 18, 2010


This nite, it seemed all the mosquitoes seemed to want to say something to me but I just remained insensitive to their annoying buzzing sound. I was now wide awake as I looked at the snoring fellow beside me in the tiny room we slept. Patrick was just a lazy pant as far as I was concerned but he seemed to have a way with people especially when it concerned matters of politics. His views were stupidly absurd.

A week ago, the idiot organized a garageful of touts and  convinced them that Obama needed to be removed from office. They chanted solidarity as I also foolishly joined them, doing the famous Gandhi walk on Lagos-Ibadan expressway and chanting "No more Obama!". Now it has landed us where we are.
Now come down to football, he was just extreme and lousy. The other day he bought this jersey with 'C.Ronado Lomo' written on it and argued that Man.U was considering using it next season.Anyway his fellow idiots countered him saying it was actually Man City and that Man City was the city where the all Man.United players came from.

Had I known I should have stood my ground the previous nite as we argued all through cuz I was 100% sure it was Beyonce that proposed to Aki and Pawpaw and not Genevieve. I'm sure you didn't even know that. I stared at Patrick in the face and shouted him down saying "Beyonceee!!!".

I stared at Patrick again wondering what to do with him. I just felt like giving him a dirty heavy slap on the chest for winning the argument last nite. Both of us had formed a bond since the past week and though my bed was small, I was glad to share it with him.

Call me partial but I feel I would pick IBB as my running mate for Councillorship next month. That Obama guy is not up to the task.
What am I even saying?
The name written beside my bed reads Clifford Okafor but I know my name at least, the name's James...James Bond.

I was still wondering why they strapped me to this bed and why the psychiatric nurse refused my kind food offer when I pointed my Dunlop slippers towards her and asked with a serious look, "You go chop?".
I also wonder why she kept reminding me that Patrick was my pillow.
I demand a rent and I seriously can't put up with this guy any longer. He gets to change shirts everyday and always customized ones with 'Ajangbadi Psychiatric Home' written on it. That's just unfair!
All I know is this civil war has to end quick and I wonder why that mosquito keeps staring at me.

@ moi frequency...Watch out for Patrick Part 2 (Hospital Break)
Have a great day...Enjoy!