Monday, March 28, 2011

Black Beauty

Oh the bliss...
Oh the splendour...
what exhilarating joy,
for my new found love.
She's tall and tender, silky and soft,
though criticized for her many evils,
to me, she's nothing but a black beauty.

My former love was okay too,
short, hard and tough, yet shiny and humble,
I spoke of  my new ebony to all my friends,
shrugging and hissing, they ignored my rants,
all falling to the fierceness of the barbers' blade,
ripping off their black strands of grace,
But No! I shall object!
no such my black beauty.

So I ran off to the place of temptation,
me and my beauty awaiting our fate at the mirror...
Then...the punisher arrived!
wielding his magic evil blade,
"A trim", I mumbled amidst the hums of his contraption,
Softly patting my beauty, I grumbled with jealousy,
I relaxed with ease, trusting his expertise,
he spoke of his many escapades,
this indeed was the 'Lord of the Scalps'.

Feeling comfy, I drifted asleep,
hoping to wake up to my trimmed beauty,
she begged me to stay by her,
as he performed his sterile ritual,
but I assured her all was well.

Then the sound of the blade began,
inciting the beggining of our bliss,
Then he dug deep, ripping off a sufficient mass of hair,
you would have called it an 'inverse mohawk',
I screamed my epiglottis out!
no wonder the vulture hates the barber...
Then he dug deeper!...reaching the desert layer,
I broke into beauty was gone,
gone with the blade, what will my friends say?
Then he asked the most ridiculous question ever...
"Oga whish hairstyle, Lowcut or Gorimapa?"
I fainted.